What is SOAR? Tips for SOCs to Get Started with SOAR Cybersecurity

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  • Dec. 20, 2019, 6:53 a.m.

The year 2019 was no different than any other year in terms of security breaches and menacing cyber attacks. Even the biggest technology giants of Silicon Valley have fallen prey to massive data leaks this year. The ever-evolving nature of intrusive elements and their extremely sophisticated architecture have made cybersecurity research and advancement measures the talk of the town.

As past footprints of cybersecurity violations are still talked about at enterprise board meetings, the time has come to think of better, faster ways to address this growing peril. The need of the hour is to embrace a proactive approach rather than working on improving reactive strategies to cyber threats.

This is where the SOAR cybersecurity technology comes into play. Wondering what is SOAR security? In today’s post, we are going to talk about the basics of SOAR security tools and how SOCs can get started with making use of this excellent and intuitive approach to cybersecurity concerns.

What is SOAR? An Introduction:

Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response or SOAR is a term coined by a research agency, Gartner that refers to a stack of compatible products and services used to understand and tackle breaches in the security infrastructure of businesses.

How Does SOAR Security Tools Function?

SOAR tools empower CISOs by collecting data related to security breaches from diverse sources. Intelligent coming-of-age SOAR security tools can then automatically respond to low-level intrusions without the need for human interference. For larger disruptions, the SOAR platform can smartly organize and prioritize workflow to equip security analysts with a better birds-eye-view of the situation and effectively shorten the time taken to respond to the incident.

SOAR playbooks record and maintain the definitive investigation pathway for every nature of threats. With this documentation, SOCs can eliminate manual errors and inconsistencies among then security analysts.

Understanding The Capabilities of SOAR Security Tools:

Gartner talks about the three most important capabilities of SOAR security tools that every SOC should leverage for the benefit of the security architecture of their organization. What are they?

  • Threat Management System - The best SOAR tools can remediate vulnerabilities in the system by providing a structured workflow to the analysts.
  • Incident Response System - SOAR cybersecurity platform supports organizations to effectively plan, manage and co-ordinate the response to security incidents.
  • Automate Incident Response - SOAR security tools are designed to automate low-key incident response processes and orchestrate the workflow, processes, and reports

Tips for SOCs Implementing a SOAR Platform

SOAR security tools are exceptionally instinctive. For SOCs incorporating this new technology for the first time, it is important to keep a few points in mind in order to ensure you make the best use of SOAR security.

  1. Drowning with Alerts? Let SOAR Tools Prioritize Them

It is only normal for SOCs of enterprises to feel suffocated with the tremendous number of security alerts. Investigating this high-volume of alerts can take more time than you would expect which, in turn, can overshadow an important alert. By the time analysts start working on it, your database may already be compromised.

SOAR security technology can be of great help in a high-volume alert situation. The platform can retrieve information related to the context of the cyber alerts from threat intelligence providers in real-time and hence, empower security analysts with information to decide which alert needs to be investigated first.

Configure SOAR solutions so that it can make alert prioritizing simpler and more efficient.

2. Accepting SOAR Cybersecurity Does Not Mean Neglecting Other Security Systems

Yes, SOAR solutions are fairly new and useful. But that does not translate to enterprises not putting to use their existing security tools. Most SOAR security vendors design SOAR cybersecurity tools with the ability to integrate with SIEM tools and other third-party services that make the security framework even more robust and productive. SIEM tools and SOAR when deployed together can fetch data from threat intelligence providers and apply them in various different ways to check for malicious content.

3. Deploy SOAR tools to Automate and Save Time

SOCs should make it a point to design and construct SOAR playbooks that help security systems to easily automate responses to address known alerts and threats. In the event of a security breach, the threat triggers a rule mentioned in the playbooks. This makes the SOAR security tools to automatically take the course of action as mentioned in the book. Automation using the best SOAR tools provides a security operations team with the capability to spend less time working on false positives and focus more on real threats.

4. Leverage SOAR Cybersecurity Tools For Cleaning Up Malicious Entities

SOAR tools are a great weapon to trace and respond to threats before they occur. But let’s say the threat incident has already taken place. Does SOAR help in cleaning up the mess?

SOAR cybersecurity platform can take the reactive approach when necessary. For instance, if anybody using the network has downloaded a malicious file unknowingly and the end-point anti-virus solution does not detect the threat, then there is no way for the analysts to figure out the existence of a threat entity in the system.

SOAR tools can then be deployed to verify the file’s source against a list of domains that are known to host malware. If the platform detects the presence of such files, it will immediately and automatically quarantine the system unless an analyst can check it out manually. All of this happens within the network without the need of any human assistance, hence saving time and costs of malware clean-up.

SOAR Security Tools: The Bottomline

Several SOAR security vendors say that this innovative security tool can bring a welcome change in the cybersecurity landscape by providing the analysts with all the assistance and information they need to keep their network secure. The SOAR platform also effectively addresses the issue of alert fatigue among the security operations team, enabling them to work smarter and not harder!

With SOCs burdened with the risky affair of guarding enterprise systems from highly-concealed threats, the use of SOAR cybersecurity tools can revolutionize their approach and keep them motivated throughout the cumbersome process of threat detection and response.

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