Sporact - A case management tool for CISOs

  • deepti

  • Nov. 22, 2019, 7:19 a.m.

Organizations with understaffed security operations team and small budgets often find themselves struggling with ways to mitigate cyberattacks. The challenge is even greater since cyberattacks come at machine speeds and are often made using novel, ingenious methods. Such organizations can now seek respite from SOAR - Security Orchestration, Automation and Response. Those who have already understood the value of SOAR are levelling up with the help of Sporact®- an intelligent SOAR platform for incident response.

Let’s delve deeper into it and see how it can help you secure your business.

Why Sporact®?

The analytical capabilities of Sporact® make it a must have for security operations teams and CISOs

(Chief Information Security Officers) to track, analyze and terminate threats. Sporact® is devised on

the basis of data insights that dominate the current landscape of the cybersecurity arena. The

combat methods come from a deeper understanding of contextual insights and strategies. While it is

a good idea to respond to threats, organizations would be able to improve their security posture

only if they are able to prevent data breaches and remediate threats quickly and effectively.

A lot of enterprises add SIEM solutions to their security portfolio but the context comes from SOAR

solutions. SOAR tools help CISOs automate tedious, repetitive aspects of the workflow that can be

managed without human intervention. This results in greater focus for teams to address issues that

require discernment and judgment. SOAR solutions such as Sporact® enrich and contextualize data

to help security operations teams quickly triage cases as per the severity, sensitivity and/or criticality

of the endangered business functions.

Quick remediation

Fresh data and learnings from Sporact® help teams chart a smarter course towards resolution. There

are playbooks too that further assist in quickly adopting optimal path to identifying, detecting and

responding to threat incidents and making sound decisions around people, process, and technology.

Data illustration from Sporact® along with in-depth analysis also helps teams be better informed and

make smarter decisions.

Identify process gaps

The amazing thing about Sporact® is its highly detailed dashboards. The information offered includes

qualitative and quantitative case response, first time response, median time for resolution, desired

durations and several other specifics pertaining to real-time data illustrations and analysis. This in

turn helps SOC managers and CISOs measure productivity and assign the right people for the tasks.

Needless to say, organizations enjoy greater efficacy and productivity with Sporact®.

Smart integration with security tools

The tool integrates incredibly well with diverse security tools to provide holistic insights offering a

bird's eye view of the cybersecurity landscape and the entire infrastructure. It also sends alerts to

analysts to help them proactively identify threats and protect the organization from cyberattacks.

The final word

SOAR tools like Sporact® help organizations achieve higher SLA compliance and make informed

decisions. Be it threat visibility or greater agility, Sporact® is the ideal fit if you are looking for a

robust (SaaS) security analytics solution for CISOs. Sporact® comes with a host powerful capabilities

even for businesses with tight budgets and help to level up your security.

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