The need for SIEM in the Service Industry

  • deepti

  • Nov. 18, 2019, 7:35 a.m.

Security information and event management (SIEM) combines both Security Information Management (SIM) and Security Event Management (SEM) functions into one solid system to deliver robust security to network and security devices. When employed correctly, it gives enterprises valuable insights about activities within the IT environment.

Let us dive deeper into its capabilities to understand why enterprises, especially service providers need it.

The background

Modern-day security challenges are extremely complex in nature and service providers are not just expected to provide services but also become the trusted security advisor to their customers. With growing security concerns, challenges pertaining to security, compliance and fraud continue to rise. The boxes on legacy checklists continue to grow and security concerns continue to become more complex. While the challenge to keep up with these requirements is huge, it also translates into tangible opportunity for service providers to partner with their customers on their journey towards becoming a more stable, safe and secure enterprise.

Rolling out newer products and services is not difficult once they understand the factors affecting security and compliance. However while doing so, it is important that the solutions they offer are not overly expensive or complex. And yet, it is important that service providers play the role of good corporate citizens perfectly by not jeopardizing the entire supply chain, trust model or end-to-end privacy requirements while taking on risks on behalf of their customers and partners.

The solution

What the service industry truly needs is Cyberal - a cognitive SIEM solution powered by next-gen technologies and crafted by Anlyz. It comes in two distinct business models - Analytical Instance and Intelligent SIEM. While the first is an easy-to-use one that can be set up on existing SIEM acting as a compressed analytical layer to get insights from it, the other comes with integrated UEBA/UBA capabilities empowering users with advanced visibility, detection and investigation across the board.

In the current ever-expanding fabric of business data and rapidly growing infrastructure, it comes with cognition that helps security teams identify threats and provides actionable insights to respond to breaches.

Its capabilities include:

  • Data investigation to sift through high-volume high-intensity data and prioritize
  • Real-time analytics to log, analyze and correlate incidences
  • Purpose-driven insights to identify and isolate tangible and intangible events
  • Contextual detection to adapt and deliver robust security
  • Compliance-centric, in-depth visibility that ensures complete compliance of business policies

The benefits

With real-time cognition every step of the way, service providers can build logs and practices that empower them to strengthen detection and management of threats and successfully avoid occurrence of a breach. Also, Cyberal empowers them with scalability - both horizontal and vertical, to integrate well within the current infrastructure landscape. Service providers are empowered with tactical and operational intelligence that offers them unmatched analytics capability to protect against threats purely on the basis of priority and policy.

Besides, they get logs from a variety of sources that help them analyze the threat scenario with contextual data and build defence against known and unknown threats. Such a threat intelligence platform gives them the leverage to be a step ahead and stop anything that threatens the wellbeing of an enterprise.

In closing

SIEM is just what you may need to manage cybersecurity issues efficiently. Anlyz is committed to keeping enterprises safe and secure with a host of solutions that are powered by latest technologies and extensive research.

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