Reinforce Enterprise Security: Pair SIEM With SOAR Cybersecurity Platform

  • deepti

  • Jan. 9, 2020, 10:55 a.m.

The number of reported security breaches are on the rise with no sign of slowing down. It is estimated that the economic toll for dealing with malware will reach 6 trillion dollars globally by 2021. In 2019, data theft had become a common issue with organizations having to spend almost 11.5 billion dollars to fix the damages or pay ransom for their data.

Respite from cybersecurity damages is a pipe dream. But businesses can employ certain practices that can help them detect, analyze and successfully mitigate threats. With the availability of superior security tools, understanding the structure and functionalities of malicious entities has become easier. But this has also given rise to a growing confusion among security operations teams - which cybersecurity tools to deploy and when?

We have already talked about the influence and contribution of SIEM and SOAR in the security framework of an enterprise. But how do we make use of their full potential to safeguard our systems? Read more about the best practices of successfully implementing SIEM: How to Successfully Implement SIEM Software

In today’s post, we are going to discuss how pairing up SIEM with a SOAR platform can work wonders for the security infrastructure of your organization.

SIEM versus SOAR Cybersecurity - What is the Basic Difference?

SIEM technology gathers a huge amount of event-related data from network applications, firewalls, and several other sources, aggregates, identifies and categorizes them into incidents and events. On examining log data for patterns, the SIEM tool correlates event information between devices to detect potentially malicious elements and then issues threats accordingly.

SOAR cybersecurity platform collects data from diverse security sources and then takes threat mitigation up a notch by automatically responding to low-level intrusions. Additionally, it can also organize and prioritize workflow based on the quality of the threat.

Limitations of SIEM Cybersecurity Tools

SIEM cybersecurity tools are a great help to the SecOps team in terms of gathering and managing tons of security event data. But it has its limitations.

  1. Firstly, SIEM tools require continuous and repetitive tuning to help them understand the difference between malicious and normal activity. It takes up crucial work hours for an analyst. Even after the SIEM has been tuned, investigating and responding to each alert still remains a manual process. Analysts have to determine if the alerts are false positives or actual threat incidents, in which case it requires further investigations and analysis.
  2. The fundamental constraint of SIEM technology is the unidirectional flow of communication between SIEM and third-party products. This severely limits SIEM’s capability to act beyond the initial threat alert.
  3. Lastly, SIEM solutions generate more alerts than the SecOps team can handle effectively and swiftly. And since every threat needs to be tackled manually, this can lead to alert fatigue among security analysts.

Level Up Security Operations with Automation

Enterprises often invest in Application Performance Monitoring tools, SIEM tools, and other cybersecurity defense mechanisms to protect their network and systems. But these disparate toolsets do not always work together without the intervention of security analysts. Automating mundane and manual tasks has become a priority in order to allow analysts with more time to focus on tasks that require an immediate skill-based approach. If you already have a SIEM system and documented workflows in place, then the step towards automation is easy - Pair existing SIEM with SOAR tools.

Learn more here - Address Cybersecurity Risks With Automation

How Can Pairing SOAR Cybersecurity With SIEM Ensure Better Threat Response

Taking advantage of SIEM’s capability to ingest large volumes of data from myriads of sources, layering a best-in-class SOAR platform on top of it can help manage the incident response to individual alerts better, automate and orchestrate several mundane and repetitive tasks, thus opening up more bandwidth for the security analysts to focus on skill-based tasks. The combination can give rise to a more robust and responsive cybersecurity program for enterprises.

SOAR security platform developed by SOAR security companies is not designed to act as a replacement for SIEM. Instead, when a SOAR platform is used in conjunction with existing SIEM, it can work wonders for the security structure of the enterprise. Let us see how!

1.Intensifies Real-time Visibility of Potential Threats

SIEM paired up with the SOAR cybersecurity platform empowers security analysts with a unified, comprehensive view of the cybersecurity architecture of the enterprise. While the SIEM detects potential threats and triggers alerts, SOAR tools immediately respond to every alert automatically and take remediation steps where needed. This, in turn, optimizes security operations by allowing analysts to investigate and terminate threats effectively.

2. Accelerates Incident Response

By complementing SOAR cybersecurity with SIEM, you can successfully target the issue of alert fatigue. The growing number of alerts notified by SIEM daily can make the overworked analysts desensitized towards them. This can lead to many threats crossing the security barrier without any investigation and analysis.

SOAR security platform adds significant value in this regard by automatically responding to these known threats and mitigating them at machine speeds without the requirement of any human intervention. Furthermore, this advanced tool can also prioritize the workflow of security analysts by turning their attention towards high-value tasks, hence reducing the incidents of missed threat response.

3. Promotes Bidirectional Flow of Communication With Third-Party Products

SIEM, in isolation, collects and generates a large amount of data, hence helping in centralizing information from diverse sources. SOAR makes use of this data and then automates and orchestrates actions across the entire collection of security products in a bidirectional manner that promotes speedy threat remediation and reduces overall risk.

The Bottomline

Best-in-class SOAR security companies also develop SIEM products which are a great solution for enterprises looking to incorporate both security toolsets into their defense landscape. The combined power of these security technologies can ensure that no threat enters the system unnoticed and uninvestigated. Layering SOAR technology over SIEM can give organizations an edge over cybercriminals by helping them take their threat response strategy to a whole new level.

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