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  • deepti

  • Sept. 26, 2019, 10:01 a.m.

Organizations worldwide are grappling with the effects of cybersecurity breaches and its impact on business to enhance enterprise security. Hackers are willing to do what it takes to eavesdrop on vulnerable IT environments to steal intellectual property or sensitive information. They have the skills to infiltrate and break barriers in a highly connected and digitized business environment.

Conventional methods are being less effective in spotting and deflecting cyber threats necessitating more sophisticated means and methods along with new approaches to shift towards a more secure environment. It is imperative for enterprises to invest in an enterprise security platform that can not only detect threats but also predict cyberattacks before they actually occur.

Here’s what business can do up enterprise security.

Understand assets and their behaviors

We need to evaluate the 'trust' factor when it comes to assets and the risk involved in trusting them. We need to look into the devices being used, whether they are company managed or unmanaged ones of users' choice, and what are the security policies and practices in place for better BYOD management.

With all major applications including SaaS living in the cloud, trustworthiness has become the most critical factor of enterprise security management. The same goes for data too. Unfortunately, robust measures of data classification are lacking in most enterprises. Businesses need granular visibility and more nuanced enterprise security solutions to mitigate risks and detect & deter possible attacks.

Integrate enterprise security solutions into the infrastructure

Applications today rely on APIs and machine-to-machine communications and yet security around this communication is often overlooked. They tend to add a security wrapper around it that takes care of the security concerns at a much superficial level- typically when the application communicates with the web or the user.

You'd rather have built-in enterprise security management at the API layer itself. Enterprise security solutions should be ideally integrated into the software putting a check on what's safe for the API to send and receive. This way, applications would be deployed faster and developers can simply focus on building better apps.

Follow the Zero Trust principle

Enterprises should get over the fear of adopting cloud. Instead of worrying about enterprise security pertaining to cloud adoption, they should look at it as a means of making your business more agile and profitable.

Enterprise security management is still a grey area in many organizations that are striving to update their security posture. Following the principle of Zero Trust is crucial and an important step towards effective enterprise security management.

Assume that everything is potentially compromised and accordingly take steps to embed enterprise security solutions within the entire infrastructure. Security is everybody's job and hence boundaries must be set and software environment must be clearly defined.

Understanding what software the enterprise will be using, substantiating business need for software, running only approved software, and having complete control over external devices are all important ways of enhancing enterprise security.

Only when you learn to apply the policy of not trusting anyone and questioning everything inside and outside of the organization's perimeters will help address enterprise security concerns more effectively. That said, zero trust architecture can go a long way in realizing enterprise security goals.

In closing

Since the risk to enterprise security is high, it's important to invest in an effective enterprise security management program that helps you add security layers in the most effective manner.

Request a demo to see how we can provide a viable framework for mapping and implementing security measures to enhance your overall security posture. This could be an important step towards optimizing operational efficiency, bolstering enterprise visibility and securing your three most important assets - People, Processes and Technology.

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