Address Cyber Security Risks With Automation

  • deepti

  • Nov. 7, 2019, 1:10 p.m.

Despite what enterprises may like to believe, the fact is that cybersecurity is not a technology problem but an inside threat that often arises due to preventable human errors. We thus need to bring people into discussion, creating awareness among them on an individual level urging each one to act more responsibly. What we need is cybersecurity culture that thrives on automation and artificial intelligence.

Current scenario

MeriTalk Research indicates that on an average, cyber threat exists on networks 16 days before they are detected by teams. And when detected, they react to them instead of working on strengthening their defences.

McKinsey reports that automation and artificial intelligence are driving personal and national income growth as automation technologies get integrated into the workforce. This would mean a few jobs will be lost while new ones will get created. No matter what, automation is the perfect answer to cybersecurity woes globally.

When deployed correctly, automation can have a positive, meaningful impact on cybersecurity processes and the way IT professionals operate. The digital exhaust is overwhelming to deal with given the rising amount of cyber threats, big data and security alerts and lack of quick & efficient incident response. A Security Operations Centre (SOC) is a good starting point when it comes to automating routine processes including operation of security equipment that detects and fights cyber attacks and provides detailed analysis based on a multitude of alerts and events. 90% of routine tasks are expected to be automated by 2020.

A turning point

Automation can literally change the tide for a lot of industries including hospitals, banks, airports, power plants, air traffic control etc. due to enhanced cybersecurity. From eliminating the need to conduct mundane tasks like data entry and real-time monitoring to identifying suspected threats and implementing countermeasures, it can do a lot to help them improve customer experience and boost revenue. It relies on machine learning-based detection technology, orchestration and a bunch of other solutions to provide the necessary support and agility to respond to threats at machine speed. Enterprises need to look critically into the security infrastructure and deploy analytics in order to fortify the security landscape.

Generating protections

There is a heavy reliance on collating data and its subsequent analysis to prevent cyber attacks and predict them. With automation, enterprises can correlate data to ensure proper data sequencing, analysis and creation of protections. It is however important to generate and distribute protections faster across the network, endpoints or cloud so that an attack is stopped not at the place where it was discovered but where it is predicted. It is impossible to manually create a full set of protections according to diverse technologies and enforcement points. Automation on the other hand allows enterprises to speed up the process of generating protections that work well for different environments giving them full control without straining resources.

Closing thoughts

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation solutions are all incredible ways of minimizing human error and preventing cyber attacks. Organizations however need to pull up their socks and do everything they can to implement them effectively. Anlyz is always a step ahead when it comes to helping enterprises level the playing field and empowering them with ways and solutions to enable faster prevention.

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